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  • Rose De MaI Oil

    Being extremely costly, Rose de Mai Essential oil is subspecies of R. centifolia and is obtained from cabbage rose. A rose absolute, it is a refined, liquid extraction of fragrant compounds from fresh blossom. The fragrant material is extracted from plant using hydrocarbon solvent method
  • Garlic Oil

    Garlic is a species in the onion family of Alliaceae and has been widely used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. The bulb is the most commonly used part of the plant that grows 12-16 inches tall. Each bulb has around 5-15 cloves that can depends on the variety.

  • Mace Oil

    Mace oil is Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. The oils has analgesic, anti-oxidant, anti-septic and digestive properties

  • Boronia Absolute Oil

    Boronia absolute oil is produced by the hexane extraction of leaves and flowers of the boronia tree. Boronia absolute has a fresh, spicy, fruit-like scent with a rich, floral undertone. The essential oil is derived through solvent extraction method which provides extract in form of a dark yellow viscous liquid having strong odor.
  • Cardamom Oil

    Cardamom oil is extracted from Elettaria cardomomum that is also known as Elettaria cardomomum var- cardomomum of Zingiberaceae family and is also known as cardamomi-cardomum and mysore cardomom. A perennial- reed-like herb- it is helpful for digestive system.


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  • Cedarwood Himalayan Oil

    Known by the botanical Name Cinnamomum cassia, Cassia Oil is derived from leaves through steam distillation process. It is cheaper & more abundant than Ceylon variety with its value depending mainly on percentage of cinnamic aldehyde which it contains.

  • Basil Oil – Certified Organic

    It is a pale yellow to clear oil having an intensely fresh, sweet-spicy herbaceous and a vibrant aroma. This annual herb belongs to the mint family and is an erect, erbaceous, much branched, soft hairy plant. These herbs are organically cultivated and are -Indian Organic Certified-
  • Frangipani Oil

    This frangipani is high grade essence oil, that is uncut- alcohol free and long lasting. Owing to its fragrance-it is widely used to scent candles- freshen potpourri- soap making- massage oils and in bath oil.
  • Amyris Oil

    Also known as -Westindian sandal wood oil- Amyris oil is obtained by steam distillation of wood from this tree that belongs to the rue family. The oil has a pleasantly woody with a balsamic touch and is a great antiseptic, sedative, balsamic, calming agent and helps in stress relief. It also has sedative properties & helps during meditation.

  • Frankincense Oil

    This oil is extracted from the resin of the frankincense tree that is a milky-white sticky liquid, flow from the trunk of the tree. The resin is distilled to produce the precious oil. he frankincense tree finds it origin from the Middle East and has small abundant pinnacle leaves with white or pale pink flowers.


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